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Welcome to the Claverham CC Fantasy League

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2 batters, 2 bowlers, 1 all rounder and a keeper within your £30m budget. Pick a captain to score double points.


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Welcome to the Claverham Cricket Club Fantasy League 2016

If you want to enter simple create and account and select your player.

Please note an entry fee of £10 is required to enter with prize money going to players in 1st and 2nd

This is a Claverham fundraising activity and some of the proceeds will go towards purchasing a new mobile cricket net.

Players: You may not appear in the category you expect and valuation is not open to debate. If I have missed any players out please let Jon Watts know.

5 matches per week will be entered into this league. (1st, 2nd, 3rd XI matches, Cup matches and u15/u13 matches)

Team Manager Points
 1No ballsJames Copeland3991
 2Buffet‘s readyRoger Hooper3778
 3The Master BattersGraham croker3768
 4Deadly BananasSarah watts3663
 5The Jerusalem ArtichokesRoger Copeland3589
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All Rounders
Name Value Points
 1Lloyd Richardson£8.0m971
 2Ryan Thorpe£8.0m607
 3Robert Hoffeldt£8.0m587
 4Steve Caffrey£6.0m177
 5Alex Croker£3.0m171
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Name Value Points
 1Sam Waring£6.0m582
 2James Downes£9.0m557
 3Adam Hadfield£4.0m508
 4James Bird£6.0m375
 5Jonathan Cutler£6.0m355
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Name Value Points
 1Dominic Hooper£7.0m802
 2Charlie Ferris£4.0m518
 3Michael Edmunds £7.0m481
 4Matthew Croker£6.0m466
 5Keith Miles£5.0m221
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Name Value Points
 1Matthew Davis£7.0m924
 2James Copeland£5.0m564
 3Jamie Hooper£4.0m288
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Game 23 Stats

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